Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skoda Yeti : A new breed of Compact SUV

Skoda Auto is all set to enter the first of its kind "Compact-SUV" segment with its Yeti. As the name suggests Yeti is something novel in its category, all set to revolutionize a new category by itself. Last year we saw the sudden upsurge of high-end SUV's such as Fortuner, Captiva. Be ready to witness the beginning of the so called compactness within the SUV segment. Skoda Auto is fully confident on its product as its cater to both city and off-road conditions. This part of the market was dominated by the likes of Scorpio for the value conscious customers, but the real competition would start now. Even Mitsubishi is planning to bring its Mini Outlander (also known as the RVR). 

This segment was first exploited by our very own Indian company Premier Motors by its product Rio. This phenomena of Urban Crossover concept is catching well within the automobile manufacturers and I'm sure that we gonna see a slew of similar launches within the next year.

As per the reviews, Skoda's Yeti seems to be a promising new car:    

Wishing it all the best!!!


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