Friday, September 24, 2010

The business of movies...

The box-office collections of Hollywood’s Avatar and Bollywood’s 3 idiots caught a lot of attention last year. Even the profits of big enterprises looked tiny in front of business these movies had made. They were a perfect example of how profitable entertainment industry is!!!

Many companies grew in last 5 years which had ventured into movie-making. UTV saw excellent performance of its movies and was the biggest winner in this time. Even India’s one of the biggest conglomerates – Reliance jumped into movie production and distribution. Eros International plc did pretty fine. Many giants also launched their IPO’s. Our very own Big Cinemas is all set to venture into Hollywood!!!

Movie-making is primarily a risky business. Though it can reap profit of multitude times within a short period of investment; it can also wash away all your investment. The trend these days is to create a huge hype around the movie and try to garner as much collection possible within the first week of the release of the movie. Nowadays a movie is christened hit/flop based on the first week collection itself.

This makes it extremely necessary for the production companies to plan and execute extensive marketing activities right from creating intuitive teaser of the movie to generating controversy/hype among the fans. A lot of Reality shows are also benefitting from this trend as they get to invite stars into their shows and even provide them a platform to promote their movie.
The trailer of much-talked Hrithik/Aishwarya starrer is out. So, I thought what better time for this topic on movies. UTV produced, Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed saga promises to be different.. In the trailer atleast J
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