Thursday, September 23, 2010

BUZZ of the day: Tata Aria

Sometimes I wonder why automobile manufacturers are vigorously employing internet and viral marketing as their communication tool along with other platforms. In the recent past a lot of Auto companies done something similar, like-
  •       The most popular of all – Xylo. Mahindra had always been a fore-runner in using World Wide Web. Even the launch of Scorpio was said to be one of the best online launches in Indian Automotive History. And they bettered with Xylo; it had created an immense impact and curiosity among customers and gathered millions of clicks on its website. XYLO had also generated tremendous interest among bloggers and auto enthusiasts in the online world.
  •       Recently Bajaj also tried capturing online audiences with the ads of the launch of their new website which is one of its kind Experiential Website. It is India's first website that completely shot in video. The website is uniquely designed in 3D video version that takes the visitor’s virtual experience of the brand to the next level. The website brings unique experience to users by using the latest in video and web technology.
  •       In international scene, 2 wonderful examples for similar creative ideas would be:

o - This interactive website by Mercedes is a gem. It will strike you with awe. You will explore the endless possibilities of using Internet to connect and interact!!!
o – This state of art website by BMW will literally place you on a racing track and explain how the technologies in a M-series car work.
A lot of similar happenings are reality with these day automobile manufacturers. So Tata Motors thought why not do something similar with Aria. And this led to the birth of This is not just yet another ordinary website. But is an interactive platform where the participants will be asked to enter a contest and then be provided tools to assemble a car right from its engine and chassis interiors and then the whole car.
Aria is gonna launch in less than a month. The new interactive site is to create some excitement ahead of the launch of the car. The new website has been intuitively designed to let people know about the advantages and features of the components of the Aria while building the car. This will not only create interest, but will make people more familiar with the USPs of the Aria.

Aria would be India’s first cross-over car and is seeded to be Tata’s big ticket entry into the luxury segment. It is even speculated that Jaguar engineers have worked on the interiors of Aria. The Aria will be powered by a 2.2-litre DICOR diesel engine goof for 140bhp of peak power at 4000rpm and 320Nm of peak torque at a low 1500rpm. Expect the new AWD crossover to cost upwards of Rs. 12 lakh.
Source: Motoroids


SPX India said...

Wow Your Indian automotive components Blog is so nice.

Shazia said...

Does TATA manufacture Luxury cars?Is Aria a Luxury Cross over SUV?What a joke folks....Lol

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