Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alto K10 re-creates history!!!

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 becomes India's fastest selling car by selling 20 thousand units in just 40 days. Its predecessor Alto had managed a euphoric figure of 27,639 units during the month of July'2010 and sold a consolidated number of 28,000 units during August. The Alto K10 has striked at the right time, when Maruti needed it the most. 
Maruti Suzuki is now expecting 30,000 sales per month, after witnessing such terrific response. But that’s not all, people with knowledge about the industry are speculating 40,000 units per month if the company somehow managed to work its way around its capacity constraints. The car sold a whopping 2,40,000 units last year. With the way K10 sales figures are soaring, I'm sure that K10 will be one of the best sequel story in Maruti's stable.

 source: motoroids


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