Friday, September 24, 2010

How to BRAND a Diamond

It is always necessary to differentiate your product from others. This is how the concept of Branding evolved – Earlier days livestock were used to be marked, so as to identify the owner. The essence lies in differentiating yourself. And De Beers knew what exactly to do to -

Diamonds had become a commodity where any Diamond company couldn’t differentiate themselves. So, De Beers thought why not pitch diamond just as precious stones, but stones which have their own unique identification numbers like we humans will have.

Boast of a unique car, an outfit, and a phone and now diamonds too! De Beers group of companies has launched its premium diamond product called Forevermark after launching brands like asmi, nakshatra etc. The specialty or the uniqueness of these Forevermark diamonds is that they are claimed to be natural, uniquely inscribed, individually chosen and beautifully crafted. More importantly each diamond has an icon and unique identification number (as shown in the picture) inscribed on the table facet of the diamond. The inscription is about 0.05 µm deep and applied using an undisclosed De Beers technology.  
According to the company's press release, only diamonds which are 0.14 carats and above in size, SI2 clarity and above, L color and above and good quality cuts and above meet Forevermark standards.
The 4Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat are met amidst strict parameters and the company claims that Forevermark diamonds are only selected from sources which adhere to the UN-mandated Kimberley Process.

Great positioning I must say.  The Indian consumers are trying out variety and curious about the diamonds sourcing. Change in fashion trends, bold designs and classic shapes are in.

Another upcoming trend is the use of diamonds in traditional Indian jewelry such as the mangalsutra, haathphool, armlet and maangtika.The men are not to be left behind either. men love our concept of grading and certification as they are more practical when it comes to diamond shopping, while women are more emotional about the jewelry they buy. Hence it targets both in a wise manner.

Nice concept of building a forever relationship with your consumer. Each diamond comes with a number through which the customer can log in on the website which will remain the same even after decades. Positive future ahead for diamonds, with people boasting of two unique identification numbers - one for themselves and one for their diamonds!!! Isn’t it exiting??
Now I am confused! Is it that humans are tagged with numbers or stones given an identity??? ;)
-Summu Saif


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