Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Women Entrepreneurs: Face of Emerging India

Indian Women were stereotyped to be very homely, unaggressive, introverts and incompetent to face the corporate world. India was vilified with reports of violence on women, female foeticides and unequal treatment to women. This cruel behavior was imparted right from the moment a girl was born. Lower education rates for female children still inhibited their aspiration to prosper. Earlier, majority of the women used to handle household work and feared stepping out in the outer world. This perception had been built over centuries that women are meant to handle the family and the male member of the house is responsible for earning.

Times changed, and so did perceptions. Indians were influenced by Western culture; and started adopting their ideologies. It was like the Indian women were waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves. And I gotta say that they did it successfully..! They have started to even dominate some of the areas. Take our education system for example; girls have consistently fared better than boys. Even in the corporate sector, girls are believed to be more hard-working and dedicated in their field. With the changing trend; girls are even supporting the whole family’s livelihood with their income. They have proved that they are no less than the males in comparison; be it work, performance or achievements and in any sector – corporate, sports or let’s say politics…!

I recently read an article where an Indian Lady Entrepreneur was lauded for her entrepreneurial venture by the US President Mr. Obama. The excerpts from the article is as such –
“Prachee Devadas, moved to U.S. to turn her entrepreneurial dreams into reality. There she successfully set up a technology services company that has grown from 1 to 120 employees. In a bid to inspire the upcoming entrepreneurs U.S. President Obama has met the small business entrepreneurs at White House and there he lauded this successful Indian woman entrepreneur for her success.”
In the above case Prachee – the entrepreneur employs her husband Anand Devadas (He’s the Vice President in Prachee’s venture). This wouldn’t have been a reality 10-20 years back. Now, these ladies are re-defining the ways how business is done…!

This post is my salute to the Indian Women Entrepreneurs who have stood against the flow and have proved that they too can drive businesses and achieve excellence in it. Entrepreneurship by itself isn’t an easy cup of coffee. It takes tremendous courage and remarkable effort to translate an idea into a business. And Indian Women seem to be perfected the art. J

Have a look on a list of famous Indian Women Entrepreneurs:


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