Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TATA Steel – Industrial Marvel

If we play word association game; what characters would you associate with the brand Tata? Almost all the answers would corner around “TRUST”. The Brand Tata has grown over years and has set a benchmark on how an organization is run and with catering the interest of all. Tata Steel is one legendary example. J N Tata put his first step into the Industrial arena with Tata Steel. And he made sure that the foundation was strong. He had a vision in his mind; in an era when Indians had stopped dreaming, this man stood apart and laid foundation to an organization with the ambition to be the best in the world.

His ideals were not vapor; but pure steel. This can be displayed by this very interesting story-
In the early 1900s, when the Tatas were laying the foundations for a nascent Steel Industry in    India, a skeptic British bureaucrat Sir Frederick Upcott, then Chairman, Railway Board of India said-
“Do you mean to say that the Tatas propose to make steel rails up to British specification? Why, I will undertake to eat every pound of rail they succeed in making…”
The then Chairman of Tata Sons, Sir Dorabji Tata retorted:
“If  Sir Upcott  were to carry out his undertaking, he would be left with quite a bit of indigestion…”

And see the scenario today - ‘Tata Steel acquires Corus’. Corus, which was formerly British Steel and once the Crowning Glory of British Industrialization. Tata stands as the face of Developing India. Tata Steel was a revelation. It brought many ‘Industry firsts’, which stood as a yardstick scale for others to follow. Its initiatives made it one of the best managed countries in India and also one of the best places to work. It became as one of the most sought-after destination for job hunters.

Look at the presentation on how TATA Steel evolved over time and what’s the reason of its glory –
Now, you would think that all this gyan is good to listen, but how does Tata Steel manages to deliver so consistently. It’s no magic, but the commitment and discipline on part of Tata that it has gained a revered status among all. Their employees are known to be one of the most-productive workers in the world. The reason behind this is – “Employees are not treated as employees, but as family”. Tata has always taken decision on the favor of aam junta, even if it had to incur loss worth thousand crores of rupees. Take Singur story – Tata suffered a loss of approximately 1500 crore Rupees to shift their Nano manufacturing plant from Singur to Anand (Gujarat). Even during the terrorist attacks on Taj Hotel (Tata Group), Mumbai ; Ratan Tata personally got involved in making sure that all rehabilitation work was performed on time and made sure that the employees and the family of the employees received proper remuneration and support after the disaster.

Tata Steel has evolved through a stringent and organic growth trajectory. Its Industrial practices will even put the Japanese to shame. Tata Business Excellency Model has proven to be Tata’s trump card and it ensures that excellence is achieved in all corners of its business. It also follows a 3C model for excellence which determines its rigorous and efficient work practices.

Take a look on the profile of Tata Steel and learn how it managed to earn a revolutionary and enviable status in Indian/Global Steel Arena:


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