Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some of the Award Winning Indian Print Ads

Creativity in Advertising:

Marketers are always confused on what is it that will make their advertising campaign successful; many companies just shell out their marketing budget on getting a celebrity face on their advertisements, many others follow what market leaders have done (even in advertising..! – remember every telecom player coming with their own jingle after the success of Airtel’s jingle), some use animations/cartoons (like ICICI, even this was replicated by Bank of Baroda, Vodafone has superbly leveraged on its zoozoo’s – although it wasn’t complete animation), some use a particular messaging theme and build ads on those (remember bingo chips with their involvement of ‘fun n humor’ element in their ads, similarly by Virgin mobiles), and the remaining use “Out-of-the box” – simple yet affective Creative Advertisements. These are path-breaking advertisements which define the quintessence component on how a proper blend of creativity, focused messaging and simplicity can make an effective impact on the audience.

Advertising in the Print form is yet more difficult for the marketer to convey his message in a limited space. Use of a celebrity “May be” effectual, but always have a short-term impact. This medium can create immense impact; if used cautiously. Most of the times people just skip print ads (basically due to the clutter), and even if people notice the ad – they tend to forget it very easily. Marketers hence try to innovate in this space and sometimes come out with extremely innovative advertisements. Let’s have a look on some of these:
Title: Save girl child

Title: Encourage Adoption
Headline: Adopt. You never know who you'll bring home

Title: Parenting is by example
Headline: Children learn fast. Don't fight at home.

Title: Stop Racism
Headline: Defend human rights against racial discrimination

These ads stand as perfect examples of ingenious and imaginative ads; it proves how one can create a cost-effective yet inspiring ad...!


Apoyando said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this.
There is a dearth of such interesting posts :)

Rohit Nayak said...

Good Post! Loved it

somyata said...

well said management pundit..

Melvin Pereira said...

That was really nice ... And I think that these ads need to promoted more.

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