Friday, June 18, 2010


The advertising sector is witnessing a boom in the current year with not so good performance in the previous. The growth anticipated this year is about 15% which brings on positive hope for all the ad firms in India. The market is favorable but the issue here is sustenance of the firms and the industry on a whole. Now the factor which makes the ad industry and the agencies keep going is CREATIVITY.

Good work keeps the firms moving with success. A decade ago India was never perceived as a creative destination but the recent surge in domestic creativity has made the world to change their perceptions. Below are a few examples of Indian creativity.

Title: Drive safely                                   Title: Chewing tobacco causes mouth cancer                                                                              

Creativity is the ability to create something new. There are two conflicting thoughts on this highly debatable word. There is one group which says it’s out of box thinking i.e. creating something which has nothing similar existing before. There is another opinion that creativity is improvising on something which already exists and hence coming out with a new thing. The battle is between these two schools of thoughts has no ending to it.

Majority of the work is inspired by something so can it be grouped under improvisation. For instance, the first print ad above shows a speedometer like stitches connected with speed and road accidents. We can say it’s more of improvisation rather than totally new. But the thinker has to be applauded for visualizing a speedometer with the stitches. In the second ad, death & cancer are associated with tobacco and the idea of not showing the face should be well appreciated. This is a clear example of creating something totally new. But both the ads are immensely creative.

Hence creativity is not about improvisation or out of box thinking; it’s all about ideas that click all of a sudden. The ideas are spontaneous, instant and not time bound. These ideas are the helm of the advertising industry and the agencies and until they continue to generate great ideas no one can stop the industry to move on. Creativity is the ability to create something new, but the ability is all about generating IDEAS!!
-Summu Saif


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