Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is the most important Resource in any Organization???

When asked, which the most important resource in an organization is – many executives have a similar answer and that is – HUMAN RESOURCE. Earlier days it was easy for companies to hire a person and then evaluate him/her from time to time based on the performance. Employees had limited choice and had to stay in the organization whether they liked/disliked the place. As economy exploded, so did the choices – now retaining a talent is the most challenging situation in any organization. This is primarily due to transactional nature of relationship between the organization and the employees. It’s very difficult to establish a CONNECT between the employees and the organization.

This trend of heavy attrition and disloyalty didn’t evolve very recently, but happened over a period of time. It would be wrong to blame only the employees, companies should be equally blamed. My version of Good to Great for organizations would be those companies who stand by their values and establish relationships based on TRUST rather than transactional benefits. Have you ever thought why Infosys and Tata are the most sought after companies in India??

Let me showcase a real example – In fall of 2008, when recession had badly struck IT companies’ worldwide, lay-offs, extended working hours and salary drops was a common sight in all companies. There were around 1 Lakh engineering students who were waiting for their call from the companies they were placed. Leave calling, most of the companies didn’t even care to answer the queries of frantic students. Only Infosys maintained constant interaction with the students who were placed in Infosys, and called them for training only with a nominal delay of 6 months. While other engineers had no idea what their future is, Infosys engineers were already on their pre-defined path.

The above example just gives an instance on how Infosys has built a loyal work force over the years and has grown to be the biggest IT Company in India (Rightly said – Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values!!). Similarly Tata Steel is known as one of the best employers in India. A Tata Steel employee is said to work more enthusiastically and thus bring better productivity in the company operations. At an average a Tata Steel employee is said to be four times more productive than others. And thus we see Tata Steel emerge as one of the top five Steel manufacturers in world!!! And the secret behind this is the philosophy of Tata Steel which says – “We could have just built a Steel Plant. Instead, we built Tata Steel Parivar “.

In an era, where it is very difficult to satisfy your employees, just follow one mantra – Do what you say and don’t falter on your promises.


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