Friday, August 20, 2010

Any Problem??


       -It is a question of who is facing the riddle and how it is being tackled.

"Problem". What does this mean to you? Different people may define in their own different ways. If you go through the pages of the dictionary you may find it as 'a matter difficult to arrange'. 

To a tiny toddler of class 1st or 2nd, a problem means a sum containing lengthy statements which he will have to solve using simple mathematics. A little older child may feel that studies is the problem. A real burden on his shoulders which won’t allow him any free time to freak out or play with his friends. That might be his problem. Thus with the passing of age and time, an individual's definition of the word 'problem' goes on changing.

But has anyone given a thought why a problem appears to be so? Why does this very word bring twists and turns on our faces and in our lives also? Probably because we are under the misconception that we are the only ones suffering in our lives. We often forget that we are part of the so called web of social relationships, where each one has got his own way of approaching the present fix.

In this beautiful but deceptive world, each one of us gets stuck up by something or the other. But it is the way how one tackles his problems that matters most. The person will just end up disappointed if he breaks his head on simple matters. But as is it said that every lock has a key, problems do not come without solutions. One can take it as a riddle and solve it with enthusiasm. Thus a problem will become nothing but an adventurous way to travel through the journey of life. Each step of the problem will teach us a lot about life. If there is no spice in life, then what is the use of living?

So friends, never blame anyone else for the tough time you are facing. In some way or the other even you might be the reason for it. Instead, take it as a challenge and face it all by yourself. Then nobody will ask you "Any problem?".... :)

- Ranjini Ballal


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