Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great Advertisements == Success in Sales???

There are some advertisements which are just FLAWLESS. Be it communication, execution or presentation - they just surpass the creative limits.

There are very few moments where I drown myself into an advertisement. It is like being lost into the world that the ad portrays. The ad has such immense effect that it leaves me dumbstruck for some while. One of those ads is the Tata Safari – ‘Reclaim your life’ ad. It has an intense musical background; superb visual presentation and has an extreme connect to the reality. I would even exaggerate by saying that it is one of the most impactful advertisements of all time. The music just allures you into its appeal and the message leaves you thinking…

Now the million dollar question arises – How does the product fare after the success of the ad?? Does it convert into a sales success story?? Does it leverage the impact it would created through its ad??
In Safari’s case its unfortunate – The product couldn’t perform as expected. The ad did raise eyeballs, but awareness on Tata Safari’s part was minimal. The ad was successful in establishing connect with the audience, but at the same time it failed in creating the Brand / the Aura for the product. The ads’ message ‘Reclaim your life’ somehow didn’t click on the mass level for Safari.

The purpose of the ad was to unleash Safari’s 4x4 and offroading capabilities; rather it communicated a message that was lot bigger than the product itself. However, this is a very debatable topic and would like my readers to comment on this and express their views.  

Watch out and enjoy d music…:


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