Thursday, February 7, 2013


This ad was truly 'full of stories'! M&M has put forward some real creative, path-breaking ads in recent times. 'Live Young, Live Free' (LYLF) has created a revelation among youth and has become a viral hit the moment it was ed online. It has become nothing less than an Anthem for the Indian automaker.

The message in all the recent ads has strong communique about offroading, distant travelling, fun, frolic and most importantly the target group - 'Youth'. Be it Quanto, LYLF or the new XUV ad - weekend drive, re-union at an exotic locale, quick African safari among a bunch of friends - the message has been neatly put to attract the target segment and differentiate itself.

The ad is about 3 young buddies who decide to go on a Wild African Voyage! The setting is clearly of a memorable journey, which is quite relatable to the current generation. The background song aptly creates the mood and indulge its audience into the ad. XUV 500 has been beautifully shot - both on road and offroad! Features like AWD, GPS navigation and ABS has been placed intelligently.

The surprise is the ending! The twist element just takes the ad to another level.

M&M - Don't be surprised to get many Silver XUV bookings post the release of the ad. And hats off to the creative team for getting the communique back to its roots. We just can't describe how disgusted and off-track the earlier ad was!

We also wonder how a MH 14 vehicle found its way in Africa :) May your life be full of stories!


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