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Indian Car Sales Figures - January 2013

January 2013 Sales Figures - Pan India
·         1. Perfect way to start the year! The dealers open heartedly billed vehicles from the OEMs and are fairly stocked up. The marginal increase in prices did not affect the new car buyers and the sentiment also rose after the announcement in decrease in car loan rates from major financers. January 2013 did not see any major launches though, but the industry has mega launches in pipeline in coming months (say Chevy Sail Sedan, Ford Ecosport, Mahindra E2O, Mahindra compact Verito, New Honda CR-V, Chevy Enjoy, Honda Amaze, Skoda Octavia, and more)
·         2. With 44.75% market share in the Indian Automobile Industry, Maruti proves time and again that no matter which OEM steps in the Indian soil – Maruti Suzuki would lead from the top. The efforts by the auto maker to magnanimously increase the production of its in-demand Swift and Dzire is paying out well. The strategy to update its models which were losing sheen over time – Alto 800 to Wagon-R has also reaped excellent benefits. Both Alto 800 with 28685 units achieved its highest offtake figures in FY 2013! The case was similar with the new Wagon-R achieving its second highest offtake numbers for the financial year.
·         3. SX4 touched the 4-figure mark after 9 longggg months. The increase in numbers is unexpected as an updated version is on the cards. Ritz fails to lure customers even after offering minor facelift and AT variant. Is the Swift availability luring away the Ritz customers? MS also seems to have completely liquidated its Kizashi stocks, as the offtake is nil in Jan. Ertiga fairly contributes with a ~6k mark.
·         4. ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’ – the tagline was suitably brought to life by the Korean Auto major. Who has expected that the hatchback car maker would successfully raise new benchmarks in luxury sedan market. Verna & Elantra consistently emerge to be its segment leaders. With the billing of 5066 units and 488 units, Verna & Elantra have surely garnered new possibilities for the OEM.
·         5. i20 figures again overtake i10 volumes. It happens only in India! The market simply defies the price-volume phenomena. If you offer VALUE with your brand; achieving numbers won’t be difficult. Hyundai products are an perfect examples for the statement. (i20 volumes > i10 volumes > Eon volumes). And the catch is all the 3 products are performing well in their segments!
·         6. “Live Young, Live Free” – the mantra comes at a very apt time! Both the ad and the cars by the OEM is a craze among the youth. Scorpio has resurged to 4.4k levels and has in a way proved that nothing else will do! The OEM also seems to stabilize the XUV 500 volumes to ~4k mark. However, the point to be appreciated is the Xylo platform volumes – 2100 numbers of Xylo + 2954 numbers of Quanto = 5054 units. It is a perfect example for ‘Alternative Thinking’!
·         7. As mentioned earlier, ‘VALUE’ not ‘PRICE’ is the key to success in Indian Auto market – Bolero numbers is the testimony to it. The brand unmistakably makes it again within the top 5 charts and also exceeds the 10k mark.
·         8. I believe Tata Motors is not able to withstand the absence of the legendary Mr. Ratan Tata. Dec’12 & Jan’13 have proven to be the worst performing months for the passenger car maker. With a YoY degrowth of 56%, the auto maker is stranded in serious trouble at the moment. Its flagship models – Indica & Indigo series have flat growth and the Nano fails to impress. The Safari Storme is the only silver lining with the brand touching the 2k mark after a very very very long time.
·         9. Toyota & Renault remain the car makers who survive from their wonder products – Innova & Fortuner for Toyota, Duster for Renault. Can we imagine the fate of these OEMs without these so called ‘wonder products’ ?
·         10. Innova religiously performs and touches the 6k mark consistently for the second time. Even Fortuner achieves its all-time highest offtake of 1505 units!
·         11. Duster phenomena seems to have slowed down. With ~900 unit fall from Dec’12 figures, the volumes raises questions on the consistency of the brand.
·         12. With several feature update and aggressive campaign, Polo resurges to 4.5k mark. The sales numbers of the brand are equally delightful as its new ads. The case is similar for its sibling Vento.
·         13. Sunny is the only saving grace for its parent Nissan. With 2456 units the brand surely shows its sunny side.
   14. ‘The comeback kid’ – I’ll save it for the launch of Amaze. Honda surely seems to gained well and the sentiments are high for the automaker. City & Brio garner 2898 & 2336 units respectively. Just imagine the availability of a diesel option on these cars! The Japanese car maker is also set to launch its new CR-V this Feb. Good Luck Honda!

List of Top 20 Brands of the month -


Jay Singh said...

Hi Gaurav,

Incisive analysis, to say the least. You've worked it out quite methodically, Keep up the good work :)


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Paul Dennis Padayatti said...

The trend shows a degrowth in sales for almost 50 models and marginal growth for 17 models.Tata Safari and Fortuner can expect better sales ahead.Renault Duster &Scala, Mahindra Quanto, Maruti Ertiga and Hyundai Elantra can definitely challenge all other models. Usually JFM(Jan,Feb,March) sales will be considerable before the central government budget.There will be fierce competition with the new entrants any way.


Ford Eco Sport and Honda Amaze may bring cheers to the market after the central government budge has no surprises. The Gap between Petrol & Diesel may consolidate small cars in Petrol Segment.
If the market continues like this central excise duty reduction may be invitableas was done during 2009 recession.

Sanjay Pathak said...

Maruti is top brand and will ramain the same because cost effective simple technology,fuel efficient,best resale value. K10 and K12 are the best engines in its class

Kyoko Nitori said...

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Jessy said...

Many factors contribute to the hope of even higher car sales in 2013. For starters, many economists are projecting overall improvements in our still struggling economy. 2013 will also be a year when many new car models will be introduced, something that usually gets potential buyers into the showrooms

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jake tyler said...
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Allison Zoie said...

Maruti is top mark and will ramain the same in light of the fact that savvy basic technology,fuel efficient,best resale esteem. K10 and K12 are the best motors in its class australian ford falcon .

Nitya Mahale said...

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Jessy said...

The passenger car sales are still boosting even after the prices of the cars have gone high. With the increase in the raw materials and hardening interest rates the prices of the cars have gone up between 2 and 5 per cent.

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