Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tractor Sales - India (FY 2010-2011)

YOY comparison of tractor sales of various manufacturers 

M&M holds a majority market share (almost 40%) in the tractor industry. They also grew a stupendous 22% in terms of volumes when compared to last year. The volumes include the sales done through Swaraj divison (Punjab Tractors) which is the market leader in many parts on Northern India. Tractor division has always been one of the most profitable arm of the Mahindra Group. But they are facing stiff competition in form of John Deere & New Holland India who have tremendously revised their prices to gain volume in India.

The most promising of the lot were John Deere and New Holland India which grew by about 44% and 40% respectively. Both are infusing world-class well engineered products in the Indian market, at the same time at a very competitive price. They still have a long way to go in terms of penetration in the Indian market when compared to the market leader M&M.

The second biggest tractor manufacturer TAFE group had a decent growth of 17%. Its most famous brand Massey Ferguson (also the name of its partner) has tremendous brand equity among tractor buyers. Its acquisition of Eicher’s Tractor Division (way back in 2005) has also helped it grow inorganically both in terms of volumes and technology.

The increase in buying power of the rural market has also led to a sustainable growth in this segment. We all are well aware that tractor divison was the only sector in automobile market which was not affected by recession.

Escorts and ICML’s Sonalika tractors also had a much sustained growth of 22% & 21% respectively. These two old warhorses of the tractor industry have evolved and are striving their best to retain their market share.  HMT is losing its hold and has de-grown. VST tillers have also grown by about 26%.

Overall the Tractor Industry in India has grown by a healthy 24% and this number is surely bound to raise higher this fiscal.

Special thanks for providing the raw data: Mr. Paresh Rastogi


Ankit said...

HI!! can u please provide data for all Passenger car manufacturers for the sales from april 2010-may 2011 month wise and year wise in following format....... im in real need of it.....

The format in on the following link

raunak said...

can i plz have the tractor sales data from the year 2005 to 2011.... i really need it ..??

waiting for ur response



Darren Holmes said...

Hello there, this is really informative.
Is there any possiblity to get the above data in excel chart form?
My google account is below:
dude.shane07 at g mai l .com
(wrriten like that to prevent spam mails)

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Vikash Kumar Chaturvedi said...

hey can u please provide sales report for all (oem) tractor manufacturer ij India of FY11, FY12 , FY13,

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