Saturday, July 24, 2010

It was nobody’s fault baby

When I came through a presentation of Stephen Covey on ‘90/10 principle’, I was amazed by the depth and reality of his discussion. He rightly said that what happens to us due to uncontrollable factors is only TEN percent; the remaining NINETY percent is caused by us itself!!! In short, we are responsible for what happens to us and not destiny (or your boss, lol). Our emotions control majority of our decisions and our actions are way too illogical which we PERCIEVE to be logical.

Can you guess what the most difficult thing to MANAGE is and also the most important? We may consider finance, human resource, sales, and every other thing in this world. But, in reality a true manager is one who can tame himself/herself. It becomes very vital for a person to be a master of one’s own decisions. The outcome of a particular situation will be based on one’s own response!!

Even in personal life we face a lot of situations where we lose our temper for no reason and thus make things much worse. The funda to understand here is, when you can decide what you do, you can surely be able to decide what you are. The results are the by-product of your ACTION. And thus we see that most of the problems we face in our daily life is due to our inability to cope/manage through it and hence end up complicating it.

A must read presentation-


Anonymous said...

Agree. Power over ourselves - or will power can change destinies. Self discipline isn't easy to acquire though...

Kiran Ruth said...

Rightly said "Thou are responsible for thy action. Thou are because of thy action". Good Share ...

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