Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Complication in Communication

 The above presentation seems funny, but the gloomy part is - Its reality these days in the corporate world rather than an amusing gimmick.

The importance of communication can’t be told in words; just envisage what can happen when a doctor doing a surgery can’t retrieve necessary data of the patient..! Things are much more complicated in the corporate world. Many companies are losing important contracts because of improper communication; many employees are dissatisfied due to the inability to openly communicate with their peers/sub-ordinates which further leads to distress and inefficient work culture, co-ordination between teams goes haywire, completion of a task is now more time consuming and tedious, and cross-functional communication is nil. So what does all this mean??? As organizations grow, so does the complexity. And be it big, or a small organization proper communication structures should be on place.

The golden rule for efficient management is ‘ORGANIZE’. Systematic configuration of communication policies will be the first step for this. In Indian scenario this is extremely necessary, because we work on the theories of Rules & Regulations. We wouldn’t do anything unless we are said to do so. We parameterize work as something which will benefit our assessment, and we don’t bother about anything else. This attitude makes it much difficult to breed efficacy at workplace. Hence the management should organize formal interactions between its employees. This is the idea between the “ICE-BREAKING” sessions. This works extremely well for employees (and also the newbies’) to know each other. As the name suggests, it’ll literally break the ice...! Meetings/Sessions needed to be arranged between cross-functional teams. Presentations could be conducted between various departments.

Once this is done, the catch is to ignite the feeling of togetherness within the employees’. This ain’t an easy task; companies have to be extremely pro-active to realize this. Advertising Agencies can be termed as pioneers in this. A variety of team games and group activities can be done; many companies arrange family get-togethers; many conduct outdoor games and activities; many do movie screenings etc. And these do work, if done strategically – at the right time and with the right spirit.  

And the most important thing is to inculcate the culture of open-ness and familiarity within employees. Only then an organisation can transform itself from being ‘Good’ to ‘GREAT’. 


Kiran Ruth said...

Nice one... The presentation is amazing. A good share and i agree with the "Ice -breaking" session. A must to bridge the gap between the layers .

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