Monday, May 31, 2010

Detailing in Retailing

Time and again when I enter a supermarket/hypermarket, I wonder what is so great in this format of retailing except neat display of merchandise and air-conditioning. But, reality seems to be completely different. There is a lot of planning done to make your shopping experience 'Extra'-ordinary.

Extensive use of technology and deep research is conducted to understand the shopping patterns of the consumer and structure the store accordingly. There is cavernous logic behind the construction of the aisles, positioning of the signages, location of the shelves and the visual look and feel of the merchandise within the store. The intention is to persuade the customer to buy more and to increase the frequency of purchase.

Retailing is no easy business; it’s rightly said that “Retail is all about detail.” And in this extremely competitive environment where retailers have to face stiff antagonism from emerging superstores and also from well-operated kirana stores, it becomes extremely necessary to understand the nuances of retail and build the plan.
There is a segment of retailing known as Space Management which takes care of this planning that involves how the store layout is designed, what arrangement is done to the shelves, etc…

Budgets are suddenly tighter, and retailers are under more pressure, the decisions retailers make today carry much greater weight than they did before. It is during this time that retailers need more than ever to be more agile, more productive, and more profitable. Thus Retailer has to give utmost importance to every minute detail and bring continuous improvements to the process.

See how Shelving and Visual Merchandising of products leads to increased sales and improved profits:



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