Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Baap of all advertisements - ‘Write the Future’

Have you ever wondered why companies spend so lavishly during major international events? The answer to this question is very simple. And the answer is immense VISIBILITY and a great opportunity to make an impact on your target audience. Remember the ZooZoo advertisements by Vodafone? These were made especially only for the IPL season. Following the pattern many companies jumped into the foray. This years IPL was flooded with advertisers to make an impact, and boy they surely did!

Catches were re-named as the Karbonn-Kamaal Catch, Sixes as DLF Maximum… etc. Maxx Mobile and Micromaxx ran their advertisements throughout the season. Even though the advertisement rates sky-rocketed, companies went forward to put their ads and were successful in making an impact.

As World Cup Football is nearing; legendary advertisers such as Nike and Pepsi have released their ads. Their scale is just terrific and huge. These ads have been shot by Hollywood directors and money has been flown as water to produce these ads. Any other company would have shied away from making investments of this proportion only to produce a commercial. But, that’s the difference which makes these advertisers so great. Nike has been synonymous with Football due to its immense association with the game. Just have a look how Nike managed to “write its future”…!

Watch d Video:


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