Saturday, November 7, 2015

U.S. Car Sales Data - October 2015

While we do not cover the automobile (light vehicles) sales of United States, we couldn't resist studying their sales report of October 2015 for the following reasons -
     1. The U.S. auto industry reported the best October Sales in a Decade!
     2. The complex nature of the U.S auto sales relatively to India
     3. The sheer size of the American Car Market - No.1 Automobile market in World
     4. The best performers in the American soil vis-a-vis our subcontinent
     5. Recovery of the American automobile demand and a double digit growth in Oct'15!

Generally, October is a slow month for American OEMs. But favorable economic conditions and slew of incentives led the OEMs to escape the rather slow month and deliver a growth of 13.6% growth YoY basis. The figures looked like this -
October 2015 Sales Data
The growth was led by Light Trucks which in actual constitutes to over 57% of overall car sales! The OEMs with light trucks in their portfolio (GM, Ford, FCA) benefited the most and emerged as front runners in OEM rank tally. The drop in fuel/gas prices and lower interest rates were the key to growth. The positivity is further enabling the industry to establish a record calendar year and crossing 21 million vehicles for CY 2015 looks possible. See the trend here:
Light Vehicles Sales Trend & OEM growth statistics
When we compare this data to Indian market - Oct'15 Indian car sales for all OEM's included was 2,40,760 while GM alone was able to sell 2,62,993. Thus, GM Oct'15 sales > Indian Car Sales for Oct'15. Also small cars and compact sedans dominate the sales in the Indian market. Whereas, light trucks dominated the top 3 selling automobiles in US - No. 1 being Ford F-Series, 2nd spot held by Chevy Silverado and RAM 1500-3500 stood 3rd! A look at the top 16 best sellers -
Top Sellers
The mentioned statistics is also very interesting - cars which are blockbusters in US, struggle for volumes in India:

Also to be noted is the Electric vehicles sales in US. Around 10,616 electric cars were sold in Oct'15 - More than what Ford (all brands included) could sell in India in Oct'15! Undoubtedly, Tesla emerged the No.1 electric car OEM and Model S led the charts with sales of more than 3.1k units! Statistics of the top selling Electric cars is as mentioned:
We are amazed by the way American Auto Industry has evolved and is currently the highest volume churner for Automobile OEMs. The difference of US & Indian market is exemplary and that is why see so much variance in performance of the OEMs in both the markets. 



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