Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Toyota - World No.1

Basis January to September 2015 global Automotive Sales, Toyota overtakes Volkswagen by mere ~60,000 units! A look at the top 3 Automobile OEMs:
Top 3 OEM's - International Car Sales (SOURCE)
While Toyota experienced a slight de-growth it was able to dethrone VW from the top slot that the European major had gained during first 6 months of the year. VW Scandal has hit the car maker real bad and it seems impossible for the carmaker to regain the position back. However, the top 3 stand close to each other even now and even the slightest change in big markets can benefit the respective OEM. To analyse the top international markets, lets us assess the volumes accordingly:
Size of Global Biggies (Countries) - SOURCE
China still manages as the Biggest Car market in the world and is clearly ahead of US. Also to note is that India has the second best YoY growth (after EU+EFTA) and makes it an important destination for car makers. We wouldn't be surprised to see India overtake Japan in overall sales within next 3 years. But the gap to cover by the Indian market seems phenomenal (Chinese market is still six times bigger than that of the sub-continent). Also the Indian market is stunted with single digit growth for quite some time now. We expect the 2016 Auto Expo the change the course and the focus in bringing updated products will help the industry gain a strong leap forward.

*US, Brazil & Russia sales include Light vehicles.
*EU+EFTA - European Union & European Free Trade Association


Ramesh G said...

The people who can "afford" cars have generally bought cars.. their aspirations for upgrade has to be met for taking the sales to higher levels.. More over the lower rung of the would be aspirants should be able to be lured to buy in with entry levels at lower interest rates.. the success will lie in bringing upgraded models with out huge price increases ..

Transformed. said...

Where is Suzuki? I think Suzuki sells only in India. What could be the reason?

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