Monday, September 28, 2015

College Dunia – The next big startup?

Startups have become frenzy in India and innumerable startups have blossomed in various sectors in past 5 years. Every startup is built on a vision to become the easiest solution to a particular problem/requirement. Sahil Chalana, founder of College Dunia had a similar vision – to make College Dunia the one stop information portal for every student researching about colleges, competitive exams etc!

So, why a portal in education sector? Let’s review the challenges – As per UGC’s 2012-13 report; India is home to 44 Central Universities, 306 Public State Universities, 154 Private State Universities, 129 Deemed Universities, 700 Degree Granting Institutions and 35,000 Affiliated Public/Private Colleges!!! Just With such vast options of colleges in hand, lakhs of students are in a dilemma before taking the final decision.

Also by 2012 around 1,74,56,000 (near to 1.75 crore) students have enrolled for a graduate degree, 24,92,000 (~25 Lakh) students into post-graduation, 1,61,000 students into Doctorate & 2,18,000 for diploma courses! Lakhs of aspiring students take their life’s utmost critical decision without much knowledge of the future institution in hand. College Dunia promises to help these students to make an informed decision about choosing the right institution. The portal has detailed information about over 15,000 colleges and the plan is to reach 30,000 colleges by end of 2015! Look for yourself on the top MBA colleges in India and BBA colleges in India for reference. The portal also hold important info on exams such as CAT, MAT, GATE, GMAT etc and the portal boasts of having their unique set of differentiators:
     -- The only education portal that provides details about Faculty Members of the institution
     -- Much detailed information on the colleges, fees structure, curriculum etc. vis-à-vis other portals

The other competitors in the education portal category are,,,, etc. While the aforementioned competitors had created their own niche, College Dunia focuses on catering to the mass by enhancing the quality and quantity of content for every college. The portal is already experiencing acceptance amongst its users and the portal has near to one million visitors every month. The company has seen investment of Rs.1 crore from’s CEO Umang Kumar in past and promises a rapid expansion in the education space.  We expect the portal to surely be a game changer and wish them the best!


Dhana Keerthi said...

Excellent Post, very useful. Also visit collegezippy hope this also will helpful to find more colleges easily...

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