Monday, July 9, 2012


Every other car site or blog is talking about the newly launched Renault duster.. Isnt it ??

So shall we make a difference here..   We are going to talk about its success… Yes it is already a success for Renault. As the marketing rule about 4p’s is concerned it has got it as cleanly as possible. Talking about the product first, it has got 3 engine options to cater a larger customer base with  Petrol and 2 Diesel options churning out 84 and 103 bhp respectively with 20.4 and 25.8 kgm of torque. Come to pricing and it’s as aggressive as ever with petrol starting 7.2L and 7.99L (ex-showroom Delhi). This is the era where a top end Volkswagen polo Diesel costs 7.5 L. That is what so peculiar about its pricing and There goes the promotions that say “apologies to all who just bought a sedan”. Perfect. We must admit!

Renault has managed to get a new segment for itself which could turn heads from a premium hatch as well as from an entry level sedan and obviously suv since it’s slighter faster than the almighty XUV500 due to its low kerb weight of 1308kg.
Renault Duster @ Auto Expo
We are not done yet; another positive vibe is that it has got 3000 pre launch bookings which is a decent number. Again there are attributes which make this a successful product and embarks a new voyage for Renault in Indian market. Especially when we see there is hardly been any SUV which didn't work in our country except a few, which is acceptable. Since we all love suv’s , maybe because of our road and driving style. Renault has got a perfect market so it will surely get first mover advantage and it has got a mesmerizing blend of a successful product. You just cant ask for more.

The only thing worrying is the low network strength of Renault (only 53 dealers all India) and the Logan ghost haunting it time and again. Renault needs to be cautioned in every step - as even the slightest mistake can cost them dear. 

As the name goes Duster, it’s time to prove its mettle and protect its name! 

(Author - Anshul Chawla - Is an automobile enthusiast who love and live cars! Can be ignited at


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