Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Felt like throwing rocks at this star!

It would be the first time I would be expressing my review on a movie on a public forum; but I couldn't stop myself from doing this. It is with great expectations and after reading fantastic reviews I decided to step into the theater. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all, I anticipated a lot more from the veteran Imitiaz Ali after watching his previous masterpieces - Jab We Met & Socha Na Tha. I had always been a fan of Imitiaz's way of describing a tale - peppy, unpredictable, intriguing and with lot of fun.

Although Rockstar's ending was unpredictable though; the story seemed a lot humdrum. I wished it would have been more straighter to our senses. At one point I couldn't make out why Ranbir disappeared from Heer's marriage and why his parents suddenly dis-owned him. And how our JJ (Janardhan Jhakhad) gets so serious about Heer (was that one HUG that changed the feelings altogether?). Why does JJ become a Devdas - was it separation from Heer / feeling of being rejected from his family? Why does Heer name our JJ 'Jordan'? What made Jordan crave to go to Prague (was this the confidence Jordan had that he could get intricate with Heer)? I couldn't solve a mystery and another question would pop up.

Rockstar's tale starts with a 'JHAPAD' for entertaining the crowd at the Bus Stop. This is the moment where i wish it would have been better if he was named as Janardhan Jhapad. To be fair, I somehow loved the first half of the movie. I could relate the madness of Heer to that of Jab we Met's Kareena. The idea of fulfilling one's dark desires clicked me. Heer's idea of 'enjoying' her life before marriage by - watching Jungli Jawani, drinking desi alcohol, driving a motorbike, roaming around the most scenic places was just exciting to watch. Another thing (and also the most important factor) that worked well for the movie - MUSIC! I was transformed to a different world when our JJ touch the highest note while singing "Kun Faya Kun". Also I also sang in chorus "Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aa Jaa" without realizing! My feets were tapping to the songs all the time.  To sum it all - it was a one man show - Ranbeer Kapoor. He is undoubtedly one of the most mature actors of his time. The way he has carried his role is above all. And the costumes/hair style has added the oomph that no one could miss.

What disappointed me was the second half. I just totally lost the track here. I couldn't realize whether it was JJ's separation or Bone Marrow that had caused Heer the critical illness. Why couldn't the 'magical touch' revive Heer off the tragedy. And how did JJ notice Heer's sister in the crowd when he was totally disconnected from the outer world. Imitiaz totally lost out in the second half. The movie would have been a disaster if AR Rahman wouldn't have graced with the lovely songs. Nargis Fakhri was another weak link in the movie - I could see similar expressions in her face all throughout the movie. If I was asked to rate the movie, I would rate it 2 out of 5. If you really want to enjoy the music; only then step into the cinema hall. Else it is a total waste of time.  

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