Monday, September 12, 2011

My first Indiblogger Meet :)

When i received a mail stating "We can't wait to see you at the blogger meet this weekend!"; i thought 'so am I!'. The meet had already been postponed once and was happy to see the confirmation mail for September 10th. The association with Indiblogger was for more an year and had been a very interactive one. The meet just took our bond to the next level.
The venue was all decorated with Branding from Samsung and the only thing that hit the mind was "will I be able to get one of the tablets???". But, the coordinators made sure that every participant who comes early would get the demo piece. Hence I was blessed with the demo piece and was quite amazed with the capabilities it had to offer. Basically, I felt that I had my netbook without the keyboard. But, the size had a lot of questions to answer in terms of Display quality, Browsing Speed and Multitasking. And gotta to say it earned more than average points in each of the features mentioned above. 
Now after the demo, we were asked to take video interviews of fellow bloggers from the tab and the best interview would be suitably awarded. So all of us with the intent of winning the prize followed up with the most interesting looking bloggers and pleaded for the interviews; must say was all more but fun. And yes, the camera quality was quite impressive.
The Intro was started well by the Indiblogger team and later was continued by the Samsung-wallahs(those who attended the event would easily recognize this). We were all enlightened about the brighter, clear and crisper 10.1" display (1280x800 LCD), the lighter weight of 565 grams, the much-evolved Android Honeycomb and the 1 GHz NVidia Tegra 2 Processor. The only thing that impressed me was its lovely display. If i'd the chance to own one, me would primarily use it only for watching movies and browsing (rather blogging).
It was then continued with the modified 47 seconds of fame (it was earlier coined as 60 seconds of fame) and the person utilizing more than the said amount was to be 'sent to jail'. This was the most interesting part for me as it allowed me to know all the fellow bloggers and their blog. The real-time twitter quiz was my first-of-kind experience but was let down as I wasn't able to connect to Twitter thru my tab. 
It was then followed on by High Tea and allowed all the bloggers to interact and socialize. During this time I met a very interesting lady (journalist of Deccan Chronicle); and her thoughts kept me amazed for quite a while. Then each blogger was provided with a comment board where every one could intro themselves and their blog/tweet profile. The session ended with informative group discussions where my group landed discussing the pros/cons of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 and then the future of Tabs. 
And the most awaited time came - where the free Indiblogger tees were distributed. And thus I came back with the memories of the event all excited to pen down in my blog. 
Some more pics of the event -


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