Saturday, May 14, 2011

A new trend in Indian Cinema

In a recent interview when Aamir described his upcoming flick "Delhi Belly" as a game-changing movie which is all set to induce a new trend in the Indian Cinema, it suddenly caught the fancy of many people and kept many buzzing about it. All of Aamir's productions have received tremendous interest from film critiques as age-defining and dawning a new era in cinematic landscapes.
The movie is applied to receive an 'A' certificate for its extensive use of obscene language and visual content. The intent could be clearly seen (probably heard) in one of its promo songs "Bhag DK Bose". 

I would rather say that this is not something new.This trend was started off with Vishal Bhardwaj's 'Kaminey' - it not only shocked many with its name but also garnered immediate commercial success (something similar was observed lot earlier with the movie 'Loafer', but its content warded off the attention). The use of abusive language has also increased suddenly in Indian Cinema. This also depicts its acceptance (along with its wide usage) among Indian Audience. We are ready to accept title such as Yeh 'Saali' Zindagi. The evolving consumer (audience) mindset is surely catching movie producers attention and paving way for movies with abusive (or normal in today's context) language. However, this movie is surely gonna be an interesting watch!!!


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